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Our Dams and Future Dams

Our dams are part of the family and live in the home taking over our couches and beds. Our dogs are not kennel dogs. Our dams often go to work with me and socialize all day and often play in my doggie daycare with other dogs. This makes my dams very social and mentally exercised every day, and that passes on to the puppies. My dams health is important. We DNA health test for every inherited disease and currently all my dams are clear of their health panels, as well as my studs. We do OFA test when the clinics are set up in our area, so our dams have several tests completed if not all.  Our dams have open nostrils, good tracheas, no tail pockets, free from entropian and cherry eye, and have overall good form as well. We breed for healthy bulldogs!

Tiramisu "Misu"

Chocolate tri covered in seal

Carries Blue, no hidden brindle

KbbDdatat DNA

Clear of HUU,DM and CMR1

OFA certified



Double seal, merle, triple carrier

Will produce 100% seal

KKBbDdayat DNA

"Mini" size at 38lbs

Clear of HUU, DM and CMR1


Blue trindle that carries chocolate

ddBbayat DNA

"Mini" size at 30lbs

Clear of HUU, DM and CMR1 by parentage

Shine (upcoming coown)

Blue trindle that may carry chocolate

ddB?ayat DNA

"Mini" sized

Clear of HUU, DM and CMR1 by parentage

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