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If you are interested in adopting one of our puppies please fill out the form below to tell us a little about what you are looking for so we can help match you up with the right puppy. We will get back to you once we have had a little time to go over your form. Thanks for choosing Buckeye Bulldogs for your next pet!

Adoption Questtionaire

Please understand that we are not a pet store who allows the general public to come handle our puppies. Our puppies have most likely not had all of their vaccines yet and do not have immunities built up to withstand contact from diseases. It is very easy to transfer disease to a puppy as it can live on any surfaces like grass without a host for years. So simply walking through the pet store and then coming to see available puppies can expose the breeders puppies and entire home to disease permanently. For this reason, we do not allow the general public to come play with puppies. If you are interested in more than one puppy please contact us and we can talk to you about their personality, video chat, send videos and more pictures to help you decide which puppy will be the best fit for your home. When age appropriate we can allow a visit before they go home in a sterile environment. We take health very serious and this ensures you are taking home a puppy who has not been exposed to any disease.



Email Address*

City and State you live?*

Do you have children under 5?*

Have you had a bulldog before?*

Do you currently have other pets?*

Do you own your own home? Do you have a fenced yard?*

Do you intend on spay/neuter or are you looking for AKC breeding rights?*

Are you willing to contact the breeder if you are no longer able to keep the dog?*

Anything you'd like to add


We understand that a new puppy is a big financial commitment! Quality puppies from an ethical breeder are expensive, which is why we've partnered with Community Finance to get your dream dog home to you with low monthly payments.  We can also include flight nanny services and items for your puppy such as a crate or shampoos, extra toys or items that aren't included in your new puppy bag.

Requirements are 

1) One year of employment at current job

2) Net income of $1300/month minimum

3) Active checking account that's been open 3 months

4) FICO credit Score of at least 550

If you meet the minimum requirements and would like to apply click the apply for fincancing button. 

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