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We understand that a new puppy is a big financial commitment! Quality puppies from an ethical breeder are expensive, which is why we've partnered with Community Finance to get your dream dog home to you with low monthly payments.  We can also include flight nanny services and items for your puppy such as a crate or shampoos, extra toys or items that aren't included in your new puppy bag. The financing  is ONLY for puppies produced by us and is not transferable to another breeder!

Requirements are 

1) One year of employment at current job

2) Net income of $1300/month minimum

3) Active checking account that's been open 3 months

4) FICO credit Score of at least 550

If you meet the minimum requirements and would like to apply click the apply for financing button. Please speak with us before applying to make sure your puppy is not pending a deposit. Financing is ONLY for Biggie's Blue Adorabulls.

Producing Happy & Healthy Pets!

Our main focus is on health. That is not something usually associated with bulldogs, but we strive to create the healthiest possible puppies. Our adults are AKC registered, fully DNA health tested and have OFA testing. We breed for puppies who are easy breathers and can exercise with ease. Our puppies go home vet checked, microchipped, litter trained, crate trained, age appropriate vaccinations and deworming. We use puppy culture training and exposure techniques to create happy, confident and well adjusted puppies. Our puppies go home with a puppy starter kit which includes some of the products that we love and trust as well as things to help them adjust to their new homes.


Puppies will have age appropriate vaccines, deworming and are microchipped. We encourage 4 sets of vaccines 3 weeks apart. We also highly recommend the bordatella vaccine either in the form of oral or the sub-q shot as bulldogs react very negatively and often deadly side effects to the nasal vaccine. We also recommend getting both strands of the flu vaccine as it can be deadly to bulldogs. Our puppies receive their initial vaccines with our veterinarian as well as a health check.


Our puppies have been hand delivered all over the United States. We have a flight nanny available to escort your puppy in cabin on a plane, and tending to its every need. We are also able to meet a new home within an hour of Muskegon,  Michigan. Depending on availability. Flight nanny service is available at an additional cost apart from the purchase price. We do not profit from the flight nanny fee. 


Socializing is an extremely important step. Our puppies are well socialized starting at a week old with our very caring and gentle adult bulldogs. From then they are slowly introduced to our pack in a safe environment. Dogs are natural pack animals so it is essential to their well being to spend a lot of time socializing them once they have had all of their vaccines.

Health guarentee

Our puppies are bred for excellent health as we go above and beyond for our health testing and our quality standards. Even with all the testing and selective breeding, bulldogs are still prone to some issues just because of the way they are built and the way their bodies grow. Our puppies do leave with a 1 year health guarantee. To download a copy of the health contract please click here


We use Puppy Culture protocols with our puppies to stimulate early neurological responses to stress, which in short translates to a well balanced puppy who is more accepting to training then your average bulldog. They more easily adapt to change or stressors. We encourage new families to continue with puppy culture or exposure training as it is VERY important to a mentally well balanced pet.

Puppy Starter Kit

We have searched for some of our favorite products, treats and toys to help transition your puppy to their new home. Bulldogs are extreme chewers so it is very important to have the right toys for them. We recommend any plastic bones that say extreme or power chewers, kong products, stuffing free plush toys, rubber balls instead of tennis balls, puzzle games, slow feeder bowls. 

We currently puppies available ready to go home now ​


Male $2500

Females $2500

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