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About Buckeye Bulldogs

My name is Teri and I've raised bulldogs since 2012. I have always loved dogs and they are my world. I own a dog grooming and doggie daycare, where you'll find several of my bulldogs socializing with clients, daycare dogs or taking a nap under my desk. I always have at least one dog with me everywhere I go. So our moms are very well socialized and well balanced and very loved members of a family, not a large kennel with no socializing skills. I used to be a dog trainer while putting myself through college and I incorporate that into my puppy raising program. I have worked with dogs since I was 13 years old, when I started volunteering for rescues. I fostered pregnant dogs for rescues for years before I decided to raise bulldogs. Its a pretty big leap from working with rescues to being a breeder, but I chose bulldogs because they rarely end up in shelters and bulldog people are typically more dedicated to keeping their animals with them if circumstances change in their lives. I do still give my time and donate to rescues, but I no longer foster as its too risky for the health of my dogs and puppies. 

When raising puppies I typically take 2 weeks off of work because the moms are not feeling the best after the major surgery of a csection. I do have "nanny bulldogs" who LOVE babies and assist me and the new moms raise the babies. Its really a team effort around here as I have several people who lend a hand whenever I need it as well. Our bulldog babies stay in a state of the art incubator with oxygen, heat and humidity regulation when they are not nursing the first couple of weeks.  I also have special padding in the incubator to assist them in building their muscles to walk. I do start early neurological stimulation at around 1 week old.  Once they are around 2.5 weeks I move them to a specially padded kiddie pool where they can learn to walk and we immediately start litter training, which makes potty training very easy when they go to their new homes.  Once they are walking really well around 4-5 weeks they move to a large playpen and they start learning new coping skills by introducing new environmental stimuli every day. They get a vet check at around 7 weeks old and puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks old.  

I am a very small breeder of standard color as well as rare colored AKC bulldogs. All of our adults are AKC registered, fully DNA health tested for disease, and have OFA certifications when available. We breed for health as a top priority and our litters are planned to produce puppies with open nares (nostrils) and normal pallets so you will get less of the bulldog breathing problems, minimal to no screw tails or tail pockets, and none of our breeding adults have had cherry eye or entropian. Puppies are raised with early neurological stimulation as well as puppy culture training techniques. 

Some of our dogs socializing (some are no longer breeding)

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