Breeding quality, healthy, and well socialized English Bulldogs in Carrollton, KY; between Cincinnati and Louisville. Our puppies can be hand delivered anywhere in the US.

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Buckeye Bulldogs raises English bulldogs with a focus on health and longevity. We are a small scale breeder and produce 1-4 litters per year. Our breedings are often planned 1-2 years in advance, and we often have a long wait list for certain pairings. Our sires and dams are health and OFA tested. Our goal is to breed for a dog that is able to exercise with ease, and can live a healthy and long life. My dogs can run and play for hours, sometimes the entire day and not be too winded. My adults are healthy and fit but still have breed standard structure.  We breed standard color as well as all rare colors. Our dogs are all registered with AKC and we are a bred with heart participant, meaning we take our health seriously! We raise our puppies using puppy culture and early neurological stimulation for the most well balanced puppies.